What Maintenance Routine is Required for a 3D Printing Machine?

The vast majority of additive manufacturing vendors are offering maintenance services for 3D printing machines. Such a specialized form of service will help you see to it that your machine will run smoothly and optimally. 

So, what are the usual inclusions for this type of machine maintenance service? It normally comes with remote support, phone support, onsite support, software updates, hardware, spare parts, training sessions, proactive preventive maintenance, and professional services.  

If you are anywhere in between services and visits, if you need to carry out minor maintenance on your printer (3D), there are several things you have in your hand. Initially, you need to check out your user guide. They usually contain valuable usability and functionality tips and instructions.  

Aside from the usual user guide and manual to operate the machine, there are several brands of 3D printers that come with its startup kit, too. 

What Maintenance Routine is Required for a 3D Printing Machine?

What is contained in the startup kit? They usually have replacement parts. Apart from which they will also sometimes provide you with a set of custom tools. Such tools are intended for exclusive use to your 3D printing system

Every single time that you use your 3D printing machine, you need to make it sure that you are observing the following preventive maintenance tips.  

  1. Check out the tip wipe assembly.
  2. Assess the tip shrouds.
  3. Eliminate debris buildup.
  4. Vacuum the machine’s build chamber.
  5. Clean and clear your door and fan filter.
  6. Empty clear the machine’s purge container.


Most often, 3D printing devices are calibrated at the factory level, right before they are delivered at selling outlets and retail stores. While these machines at the outset would seem to be working okay, in the long run, slight deviations would occur and become observable. It is a good practice to check on your 3D printer from time to time, so that can fine-tune it whenever necessary. Periodical calibration for these pieces of equipment will significantly help in reducing the likelihood of errors in your 3D prints.  


All pieces of equipment with mechanical moving parts are subject to vibration, which over time will consequently loosen up your machine’s bolts and nuts. In addition to this, it also amplifies the noise emanating from your 3D printer. 

To avoid trouble in this area, consider tightening your machine’s nuts regularly. This practice should help in mitigating noise from the machine, plus it will also help in maintaining your printing machine’s sturdy build.  

Wiping Clean

Not many people are aware that regular dusting of 3D printing machine is vital to its efficient printing. Accumulated dust tends to clog the printer machine’s movable parts. 

The use of lubricant will attract even more dust to the machine, which is another reason why you need to practice periodical lubrication and at the same time keep the printer dust free.  


The old maxim, “prevention is better than cure” is true in this case, in maintaining your 3D printing machine and seeing to it that this valuable piece of equipment will remain in its tip-top shape as the first day that you had it.

Periodic preventive maintenance practices will take care of it in terms of keeping it running smoothly and seamlessly, to the best of your expectations minimizing as well the usual wear and tear that are normally associated with noise. 

Here’s How to Find the Best Caterer Sydney

Best Caterer Sydney

No party will ever be complete without food. If you are the host of an event, then it’s your responsibility to make sure that you prepare great food for your guests. If you need help with this, then you need to make sure that you find a good catering company to provide the service.

In Sydney, so many people are in search for the best caterer that will help them in their event and make it a memorable and successful one. Although you can find a lot of caterers in an area, finding one that will deliver the services that you are looking for can be a challenge. This is why you need to do your research. 

Get to know different caterers and find out about their experiences and record. You can do this by asking around about the dishes they served and efficiency of the service their provided.

Make a List

If you know the kind of party or event that you want to throw, then it will be easier to narrow down the choices available for you. Make sure that you have a list before you set an appointment with a catering company. The list should include important details of your event such as the theme, food, number of guests, budget, and location. Also, keep in mind that before making a deal, you have already found out that the caterer can handle your order.


When you try to look for the best caterer in Sydney, you need to have a set budget so you can look for a company that offer their services according to how much you can afford. Good thing if budget is not an issue with you. But if your budget is limited, then look for a company that can offer the services you need at a price you can afford. Of course, you need to check the quality as this is something that should never be compromised.


This is an important factor that you need to look for in a caterer. This is because of the fact that not all guests would like the same kind of cuisine or dish. There are those who want less sugar or less spicy. Others want fat-free foods and others could be vegan. A good catering company should be able to change their menu if necessary to meet the needs of their clients.

As soon as you have a menu on your mind, proceed and discuss with the catering company. If you want more dishes that are not included in their list, let them know about it as early as possible to they can look for the ingredients.

As you search for a catering company to cater for your event, let the things above serve as your guide so you won’t end up wasting money, time, and effort. See also:Cocktail party catering Sydney

The Anatomy of CNC Cutting Machines

The Anatomy of CNC Cutting Machines

The first ever batch of CNC cutting machines came about in the 1940s up until the later part of the 1950s. These pieces of equipment relied heavily on the technology known as telecommunication data storage, otherwise known as the “perforated paper tape” or “punched tape”.  Truly, the punched tape technology is already out-of-date since medium for data swiftly transitioned to analog. Then, after which came the digital computer processing of the 1950s to 1960s.  

How Does CNC Cutting Machines Work? 

In essence, machining is one way you can transform a stock piece of an object, like for instance a block of plastic and eventually come up with a finished product by virtue of the so-called control object removal process. Much like any other prototype production technology, CNC technology relies heavily on digital instructions coming from a computer aided design file. A typical example of which is Solidworks 3D. Or you may try computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software. 

Your CNC machine would interpret your design file as a set of instructions and will carry it out to cut the prototype parts you are intending to print out. Designing a computer program to control machine tools in a snap will help a lot in advancing a shop’s level of productivity by automating what can be best described as a labor-intensive and highly technical processes. 

Automated cuts will enhance the level of accuracy and speed with which prototype parts are designed and created for, most especially when this material is critically scarce or not being produced by the original manufacturers anymore. 

Most of the time, machining processes necessitate the utilization of a manifold of tools that will help in making the desired cuts, like for instance different sized screws. It is normal for CNC machines to combine tools and render them as common cells or units from which the piece of equipment can draw.  

Basic machines may move in say 1 or 2 axes, whereas the advanced machines can move in a longitudinal direction in the Z-axis and laterally in the x and y-axis. They can also rotate in just one or more axes. As for the multi-axis machines, they can automatically flip over parts, allowing for the removal of the part which was previously “underneath”.  By this virtue, you are going to eliminate the need for workers who will be tasked on flipping the stock of prototype material, giving you a way to cut on all sides sans the need for a human hand intervention. 

Generally speaking, cuts that are fully automated tend to be more accurate as opposed to the possibility of manual inputs. With this, we can say that there would be moments when finishing work such as etching would have better results when carried out manually  

CNC Cutting Machine and 3D Printing: Which is the Better Option?

Honestly, we can’t answer this with just one, singular, straight-away answer because it all depends – on the complexity of the part, on the material, or on the economic aspects that are at play. 3D printing machines create your parts, from the bottom going up. 

They can also help you come up and produce complex shapes as well as internal components with greater ease as opposed to what a  CNC machine can produce. By contrast, we can safely say that tradition CNC cutter machines are somewhat limited by the axes of rotation which the machine can utilize and the available tools. 

On the flipside, materials can be much more limiting in prototyping as opposed to a machined block of material. Like for instance, if you require a prototype of a standard hinge, you may want to consider the use of CNC and polypropylene. 

Different Types of Food Packaging Machine

Different Types of Food Packaging Machine

There are several types of food packaging machines that can be found available in the market today. Not only that they come in many different kinds but their packing styles will also depend upon the product’s expected life span. Highly perishable food items like processed meat, fish, and even frozen items have a better chance of longer shelf life if they are vacuum packed

Food Vacuum Packaging Machine

If your business is involved in the production or manufacturing of food items, this is an efficient type of sealing machine to pack your food items because it will make them remain fresh and crisp by completely suctioning air out. Under this condition, aerobic microorganisms, which are to blame and are responsible for the swift deterioration of food quality, are not likely to thrive and immobilized.

Bundling Food Packaging Machines

Many food suppliers are taking good advantage of this type of packing machine, thus it is quite common to see them used in this industry. They can accommodate large amounts of food items before they are wrapped or packaged into single bundles.  Thus, they are sometimes referred to as banding machines, too.

Bagging Machine

This type of sealing machine is popularized first in China and used by various of its food processing factories. In this case, the food items are being packed in sacks, pouches, and sometimes even in bags, too. It is commonly used to pack cereal products as well as powdered items like sugar and milk powder.  

Closing Machines

These pieces of equipment are also a common site to see in various food manufacturing facilities. They can be utilized to tie metal wires in order to enclose and seal a food pouch or bag.

Capping Machines

With this now, they are in-demand among food manufacturing companies that are involved in the production of beverages and food syrups. Their purpose is not solely for packing food items alone but they are acquired by these companies in conjunction with the other food packaging machines they may have.  

Accumulation Machinery

If you have any plans of acquiring this piece of equipment anytime soon, know that they are supposed to work along with a capping machine. These machines can help your production in terms of aligning bottles to allow for an organized and systematic fashion of filling containers/bottles with your liquid based food items or drinks products. So, for this, you will normally see them utilized in most bottled- water and soda companies.  

The market today is holding various kinds of product and vacuum packaging machines.  They are up for grabs for businesses that are catering mostly to the food manufacturing space. If you will take advantage of these pieces of machinery, it will not only allow your company to streamline its production seamlessly but it will also help ensure that your offerings remain high quality with fully extended shelf life.  

Depending on the kind of food item that you are wanting to vacuum pack and seal in your home, you can recycle your vacuum storage bag if they are washable. But take caution on this one though, you don’t have to get yourself into the habit of reusing your vacuum storage bags after you have used them in your microwave (with the food item inside it). The same is also true with with packages that used to hold/contain raw meat or oily food items.

Waterjet Cutting Machines: How They Work?

The waterjet cutting machine work by virtue of mechanical process and because of which they are capable of cutting through any material. The mechanical action that waterjet machines create is capable of producing a powerful stream of water that is blended with abrasives for a more intensifying cutting power and make that stream of water hit at such a high speed. Consequently, this will help the device produce your desired finish for  the object you are attempting to cut.

Waterjet Cutting Machines: How They Work?

Nowadays, waterjet cutters are considered in machining workshops as a common resource, an indispensable must-have tool that can help your business reach greater heights of success. They are simple, yet at the same time very complex tool to have. As one of the most versatile tools, their area of application is extendable to almost any aspect or job in the machining industry.  

There is  a high demand for cold cutting process in almost every application where the material is not at all affected by heat. We get to discard the cut with band saw, circular saw, jig tool and penetrate. The initial step is you make the necessary design of the piece. You can carry this out with the help of an appropriate program such as computer aided-design or CAD. By using this kind of application  software, you’d be able to assign the intended measurements you want your object to have such as the thickness and the type of material you are intending to use.

Controlling Your Waterjet Cutting Machine via Computer

Soon after you designed your desired piece, it will then be linked to the waterjet cutter program in your computer. You will store the program in the proper database. This saved file is searchable via the cutting machine computer. The kind of cut that you are planning to have can be decided, from what can be considered as gross down to the most refined imaginable. The edges though will remain seamless, clean and not a single piece of imperfection or flaw could be found there.  

The diameter range is from 0.08 to 0.45 mm. Through this comes out a powerful blast of water and abrasives. They are released at  4, 000 bars of pressure or more, this range is more than enough to be able to cut through any kind of material, regardless if they are glossy or not. The technical viability of any cutting procedure will directly depend upon the nozzle through which the solid stream of water jet would exit from. A conical jet tend to increase the diameter, precision, cutting power and quality disappears.  

Working on the Water Pressure

Depending upon the material you will intend to work on, you may opt to use a lesser amount of pressure. This would range for about  2,000 bars, or you may also choose to work sans any abrasives. We often use this on objects that are qualified as having little hardness like plastics. When trying to cut these materials and planning to make use of your waterjet cutter, you may not have any need for abrasives in the water.  More water jet cutter tips here.

Cryovac Machine Commercial: A Worthy Purchase

Recently, vacuum machines have become more mainstream and are commercially available in the market, just like a Cryovac machine. Upon hearing the word vacuum seal, it often refers to a space-related thing. But this kind of tool is now purchased for the house and has not much to do with space anymore. There are two types of processes involved in vacuum sealing.

Cryovac Machine Commercial: A Worthy Purchase

The Need for Vacuum Packaging

Due to the increase in the size of the food we buy and consume, there has been an increase in the need for vacuum packaging. As a result of cheaper prices associated with buying larger quantities, families have resorted to getting the best discount. For people to save money, they started shopping at discount stores. In order to reduce spoilage, they make use of a commercial Cryovac machine that vacuum presses and keeps things airtight so freshness is preserved for a longer time.

Modern Vacuum Sealers

The very first vacuum sealers were not that efficient, although they were able to pack a lot of things. But the latest ones have become very smart and advanced. They now come with custom-seal designs, programmable tightness, and can custom regulate the pressure used to compress the bag. All these can be set up in a very short period of time.

Commercial Sealers

The majority of devices that are available today in the market are created for commercial purposes. However, you may still a less technical and smaller variation for house use. A commercial sealer, on the other hand, is used to package larger items.

The main idea is to know the principle of how the sealer works and the right timing is finding what needs to be vacuum packed within the machine. This is the reason why you need to consider the costs involved in the sealing process as you might end up paying more than what you expected.

See also:  cryovac bags

How Do You Benefit from a Vacuum Sealer?

A vacuum sealer is a steel machine with a central area for items that need to be sealed. Then you just need to set the time, pressure, temperature and close its lid. The machine will take charge. It will vacuum the air out and will seal the products in seconds. This helps guarantee that the food you keep will be kept fresh for a longer time.

When it comes to the price of the machine, it may vary depending on its use. So, if you are thinking of buying one, it is important to explore all the available options you may find in the market. Identify your needs and the purposes that the machine will serve, as well as your budget. Doing so will not only avoid unnecessary expenses, but you get to have a machine that will offer you the benefits you are looking for.

Watch out for Defective Fuel Tanks

Watch out for Defective Fuel Tanks

A fuel tank is like the lifeline of the vehicle. Vehicles need the tank to store fuel in reserve. Vehicle or automobile fuel such as gasoline and diesel are highly flammable and hazardous. This is normal for vehicle engines to use combustible fuels to maintain motion. That’s why fuel tanks are important. Aside from being a storage container, fuel tanks must also be capable of protecting the fuel from sparks and excessive heat.

Things to look out for

These are what you need to look for when checking out fuel tanks for sale. If the fuel tank do not have these basic functions, then they are therefore defective. Using defective tanks is extremely dangerous, not only for the driver and for passengers, but for the people around as well. Tank defects include faults in materials, bad design, failure to shield heat, poor placement, faulty manufacturing

When fuel is exposed or when heated, there is a tendency for it to expand. This can cause the tank to rupture. However, standard tanks are built to protect and not expose the fuel to this type of heat. Also, the material of the tank must suitable for the type of fuel it will store. In some cases, fuel can seep through tanks of certain materials. Fuel can also be reactive with some types of tank materials. In most cases, whether the tank is already built in the vehicle or replaced, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer if even the fuel tanks are defective. This is a type of product liability.

Risks Involved

Fuel tanks are specifically designed to store fuel and keep a safe environment. Unfortunately, many things could still threaten the integrity of fuel tanks such as force, stress, and leaks. When air gets inside the tank and mixes with the fuel, it can be an extremely dangerous, flammable source. Explosions can happen if any heat source, open flame or spark comes in contact this mixture.

The Solution

Most, if not all, of the materials used for fuel tanks are steel or specialized plastic. They are built specifically for durability and to hold fuel for a long period safely. One of the improvements made by some automobile manufacturers is the location change of the fuel tank. Older vehicles have their fuel tank located at the back of the rear axle of the automobile. This is not a good location because it is in the area designed to crumple in case of a crash. This part takes most of the force of the impact. As a result, the fuel tanks will be damaged and can explode once it is exposed to fire, heat or any spark. Modern vehicles are now being designed with keeping safety as the priority. Fuel tanks in modern automobiles are now usually placed in front, not behind, of the rear axle.

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Budget-Friendly Tips for Small Business Marketing Melbourne

Budget-Friendly Tips for Small Business Marketing Melbourne

Marketing is a must in every successful business. For small businesses, this may seem like a very daunting task, especially when doing it on the web. In most cases, business owners who are on a tight budget are reluctant that their marketing needs will cost a lot for it to be effective. Good thing that this is not true. Below are some tips for owners to do their small business marketing Melbourne in a budget-friendly way.

Website Optimization

You can check if your website is doing its purpose for you by using three simple steps. The first thing is to make use of a descriptive title for your website. This should include keywords and description that will let site visitors and search engines know what they will find as soon as they visit your webpage. Once you have dealt with this, make sure that your keywords are placed properly in the text of the website.

Use keywords that are specific to the products and services you are offering. They should be selected with consideration for the terms of potential customers will be using when searching with search engines.

Lastly, your keywords should be used in the alt image tags as they relate to the illustrations and photos that you post to the website.

Articles and Press Releases

Article marketing is an effective way to attract visitors to the website. By having a short yet informative article that relates to your area of expertise, keywords and business, you are showing your readers a bit of what they will find from your business.

On the other hand, online press release is another efficient marketing tool. Just like with conventional press releases, this will allow you to get the word out to those who are publishing online newsletters or those who review services and products that you offer.

These two helps create relevant and valuable inbound links to the website. Search engine give so much value on inbound links that a website has, making these two a great way to build popularity with human customers and search engines.

Start Blogging

It is often said that content is king. Through blogging, you can create fresh and outstanding contents at regular intervals. With this, you can drive traffic to your website.

Just like with press release and article marketing, a blog will help you establish your expertise on your services and products that your small business has to offer. However, these two, a blog can help you carry a dialog with your present and potential customers.

By linking it to your website, you are drawing search engines to your site. As a result, your website will rank higher and your customers would have an easier time finding your site.

Small business marketing Melbourne is a very important. In fact, it can make or break any business, whether big or small. Thus, it makes so much sense to make sure that you make it a priority.

Plasma Cut Metal with the Best Cutting Method?

Metal cutting is highly significant for most industries and business. In the past, there were many things that seem so difficult to accomplish. But thanks to technologies that are ever-evolving, it’s now possible to achieve more things.

As we know for a fact, metal is a very strong substance that is usually present in our daily lives. What the majority of us failed to realize is that manufacturers and construction companies have gone a long way just to find the best cutting systems that is capable of handling their specific work requirements. Good thing that today, plasma cut metal is possible and can deliver the best results.

Laser and Plasma Cutters

In spite of the fact that laser cutters are not widely used as much as plasma cutters, they are still capable of attracting a fair share of international market. But, due to its high cost and slowness in the cutting some materials, plasma cut metal machines have become of the best choices for anyone who needs to cut metals.

Another good reason is because just like stainless steel, copper and aluminum, do not follow the traditional laser cutting methods, a plasma cutter became very effective. In fact, it is considered to be very effective on almost all types of conductive metals.

When it comes to plasma cutting, gas input is determined by the metal type that needs to be worked on. They are then fed and compressed into the nozzle. As soon as they are released, they travel at a very high speed. With the help of input power, they generate an electric arc the moment they get in contact with air. With extreme heat, gas is transformed into a different state-plasma. In this procedure, the gas heats up high so as soon as plasma jet touched the metal work piece, it travels through and breaks it. As the flame heats up the metal, the velocity or speed of plasma jet is what separates all the metal elements.


For All Types of Metals

There are theories about plasma cutter that it is not capable of cutting some types of metal, but this is not the case. By matching and mixing the right gases, such can be accomplished regardless of the metal that you are trying to cu. For instance, hydrogen and argon form a good combination when cutting aluminum with smooth edges. In the case of stainless steel, the mix will work as well. But, take note that there are certain types of gases that could be used as well like nitrogen.

Before working on any type of metal, it is recommended that you try to find out the metal group that it belongs to, so you can tune your machine and achieve the best results. Aside from this, you should consider the thickness of the metal piece when using a plasma cutter.


Why Building a House with Concrete is More Advantageous?

In most cases, a concrete home is seen as unconventional as such type is not built using brick or with timber frame structure. We can’t avoid the fact that there are some people that building a house with concrete is not that pleasing to the eye as compared to a brick house. But designers and architects guarantee that conventional modern homes would still look aesthetically attractive.

However, if your idea of a concrete house is the one that resembles a battlefield bunker, you have to reconsider.  The majority of concrete homes look the same as that of a conventional wood-frame houses today, but there is so much more than what meets the eye. Concrete homes are constructed with different methods. The majority of them, especially in coastal areas that are prone to storm, they have concrete block walls. However, more builders today opt for insulated concrete forms as they provide added insulation and are easy to use.


Some other approaches would include removable concrete forms and cast-in-place, panel systems and newer methods that feature sprayed-on or aerate concrete. Regardless of how they are made, one thing is for sure, building a house with concrete offers powerful benefits to homeowners.




A concrete home is able to withstand a 250 mile an hour wind and even wind-borne debris. It is always a practical choice to be living in a place that is capable of withstanding strong forces.


Energy- Efficient


Today, the price of energy has become so high and expensive. This is one reason why many people choose to have their homes be built of concrete. Such has a thermal mass of walls and its tight seals at joints allow the home to excel at keeping air in while keeping extreme temperatures out.


Temperature Control


The concrete home’s tight building envelope means that they have fewer and hot and cold areas and lesser draftiness.


Noise Control


A concrete wall is capable of filtering out the noise coming from outside.




Concrete will not harbor the insects and rot that may cause deterioration of frame houses. At the same time, a concrete house has a longer life expectancy that can even last for centuries.


Fire Resistant


In case of fire, a concrete home will not burn and even prevent the spread of fire.


Green Construction


Concrete houses only need less energy for heating and cooling. Also, concrete walls conserve resources by making use of fewer wood products. In most case, they only use lumber for interior framing. They even provide healthy environments with lesser air-borne allergens, contaminants, and mold than frame house. Moreover, their indoor air is cleaner.


Economic value


Concrete houses often cost a lot to more to build compared to frame house. But once they are constructed, you can begin to see the benefits in terms of bigger savings.


With all these benefits, it is no wonder why we see more concrete houses as the more preferred option by homeowners.