Characteristics to Look for in Product Design Companies

Companies of different sizes that make use of technologies, products, and concepts should go through the process of designing, development, testing, and even market readiness. This is where product design companies come into the picture. But of course, it is important to find out why you should hire one to partner up with. The question here would be, what makes a good product design company? Below are the things that you have to consider when looking for one.


Today, it can be very challenging to find the best one from the list of so many product design companies available. This makes it important for the design team to show off the works they have done with their clients. Testimonials are also very useful as happy clients can be positive references.

But experience will always be a key factor to look for. Go for a company who is experienced in designing the same kinds of components, products, and makes use of technologies that you need for your product design. A wide understanding and knowledge in product designing will be very useful.



From the very first time you have a conversation with your product design company, you should be able to gauge how genuine is their interest in your ideas and concepts. A genuine and passionate product designer would always engage with you and will have a real interest in your technology and product, simply because they enjoy designing a new product from scratch. On the other hand, if you think that they are not so interested with you and product, there is probably something more suitable for your needs.



In order for a product to be delivered successfully, you should embrace and deal with the many steps involved in the product development process. In case the conversation with the product designer happened at an early time of the process, it would be a lot better if the designer has a full understanding of the steps involved such as prototyping, validating, patenting, testing, and market launch.

Opt for a design partner that knows the steps or one that can point you to the direction of recommended partners that will be of help in every stage.



Technology and product design need the use of sophisticated software tools that can take a long time to master. Make sure that your potential product designer is an expert and well adept with how complex the industry is and can do the job that is expected of him.

Engineers and designers make use of various tools, so regardless of what they use, they need to be able to demonstrate skills certification. This will make you confident with their abilities.

If you need help with your product design, hiring professionals who are experts in the said field is the best way to guarantee that you will have your expected and quality results.

What are the Advantages of A LED Batten Light?

For commercial and fashionable LED lighting fixtures, a LED batten light is one of the most popular. It is often seen in big parking lots, office rooms, shopping malls, etc. In spite of this, so many people ask what kind of light is it and if it is really more advantageous compared to other lights like Fluorescent tube lights.

Batten Light: What is it?


LED batten light is a new and modern equivalent to fluorescent tube lights. But it comes with more advantages, especially that it is capable of adopting LED as its source of light. This means that using this type of lighting will not only save you energy, but money as well. Moreover, compared to other traditional lights, it offers a more stylish look. Installing it in your space will greatly help enhance the entire look of the area while being functional at the same time.


What LED Lights Have to Offer?


The use of LED lights offers so many benefits- from durability to energy efficiency. In the past, the majority of people make use of fluorescent lights, but as soon as they learned that it can be harmful, they have switched to LED lights. If you are planning to have a switch as well, here are some reasons why you need to do so.


  • They consume lesser electricity. It allows you to save up to 80% of electricity bill, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • They maintain a cold temperature. Compared with fluorescent lights, these LEDs do not heat up. Ultraviolet radiation and excessive heat can be very hazardous to everyone. But LEDs do not emit any ultraviolet radiations.
  • They do not produce blue wave, thus making the brain relaxed to increase productivity.
  • They are durable and can even last for up to 15 years with consistent amount of light. Other types of lights have the tendency to dim through time.
  • They are environment-friendly as no harmful gases are released.


LED Batten Lights Versus Fluorescent Tube Lights


As mentioned, LED batten lights are energy saving, produce less heat, environment-friendly, durable, and maintenance free compared to fluorescent tube lights. At the same time, these lights offer uniform lighting and you can get significant savings in terms of voltage and power consumption. LED technology is also a lot more sophisticated than halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights. Below are more advantages these lights can offer.


  • Need less current
  • Higher light output
  • Wide range of colors
  • No Mercury
  • Constant lighting
  • Flicker-Free
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • No maintenance costs
  • Best used in hospitals, schools, residential areas, and factories
  • Longer lifespan


With all these benefits and advantages, LED batten lights simply prove that they are one of the best lighting options today that offers beauty, function, and savings.