What Maintenance Routine is Required for a 3D Printing Machine?

The vast majority of additive manufacturing vendors are offering maintenance services for 3D printing machines. Such a specialized form of service will help you see to it that your machine will run smoothly and optimally. 

So, what are the usual inclusions for this type of machine maintenance service? It normally comes with remote support, phone support, onsite support, software updates, hardware, spare parts, training sessions, proactive preventive maintenance, and professional services.  

If you are anywhere in between services and visits, if you need to carry out minor maintenance on your printer (3D), there are several things you have in your hand. Initially, you need to check out your user guide. They usually contain valuable usability and functionality tips and instructions.  

Aside from the usual user guide and manual to operate the machine, there are several brands of 3D printers that come with its startup kit, too. 

What Maintenance Routine is Required for a 3D Printing Machine?

What is contained in the startup kit? They usually have replacement parts. Apart from which they will also sometimes provide you with a set of custom tools. Such tools are intended for exclusive use to your 3D printing system

Every single time that you use your 3D printing machine, you need to make it sure that you are observing the following preventive maintenance tips.  

  1. Check out the tip wipe assembly.
  2. Assess the tip shrouds.
  3. Eliminate debris buildup.
  4. Vacuum the machine’s build chamber.
  5. Clean and clear your door and fan filter.
  6. Empty clear the machine’s purge container.


Most often, 3D printing devices are calibrated at the factory level, right before they are delivered at selling outlets and retail stores. While these machines at the outset would seem to be working okay, in the long run, slight deviations would occur and become observable. It is a good practice to check on your 3D printer from time to time, so that can fine-tune it whenever necessary. Periodical calibration for these pieces of equipment will significantly help in reducing the likelihood of errors in your 3D prints.  


All pieces of equipment with mechanical moving parts are subject to vibration, which over time will consequently loosen up your machine’s bolts and nuts. In addition to this, it also amplifies the noise emanating from your 3D printer. 

To avoid trouble in this area, consider tightening your machine’s nuts regularly. This practice should help in mitigating noise from the machine, plus it will also help in maintaining your printing machine’s sturdy build.  

Wiping Clean

Not many people are aware that regular dusting of 3D printing machine is vital to its efficient printing. Accumulated dust tends to clog the printer machine’s movable parts. 

The use of lubricant will attract even more dust to the machine, which is another reason why you need to practice periodical lubrication and at the same time keep the printer dust free.  


The old maxim, “prevention is better than cure” is true in this case, in maintaining your 3D printing machine and seeing to it that this valuable piece of equipment will remain in its tip-top shape as the first day that you had it.

Periodic preventive maintenance practices will take care of it in terms of keeping it running smoothly and seamlessly, to the best of your expectations minimizing as well the usual wear and tear that are normally associated with noise.