Why Building a House with Concrete is More Advantageous?

In most cases, a concrete home is seen as unconventional as such type is not built using brick or with timber frame structure. We can’t avoid the fact that there are some people that building a house with concrete is not that pleasing to the eye as compared to a brick house. But designers and architects guarantee that conventional modern homes would still look aesthetically attractive.

However, if your idea of a concrete house is the one that resembles a battlefield bunker, you have to reconsider.  The majority of concrete homes look the same as that of a conventional wood-frame houses today, but there is so much more than what meets the eye. Concrete homes are constructed with different methods. The majority of them, especially in coastal areas that are prone to storm, they have concrete block walls. However, more builders today opt for insulated concrete forms as they provide added insulation and are easy to use.


Some other approaches would include removable concrete forms and cast-in-place, panel systems and newer methods that feature sprayed-on or aerate concrete. Regardless of how they are made, one thing is for sure, building a house with concrete offers powerful benefits to homeowners.




A concrete home is able to withstand a 250 mile an hour wind and even wind-borne debris. It is always a practical choice to be living in a place that is capable of withstanding strong forces.


Energy- Efficient


Today, the price of energy has become so high and expensive. This is one reason why many people choose to have their homes be built of concrete. Such has a thermal mass of walls and its tight seals at joints allow the home to excel at keeping air in while keeping extreme temperatures out.


Temperature Control


The concrete home’s tight building envelope means that they have fewer and hot and cold areas and lesser draftiness.


Noise Control


A concrete wall is capable of filtering out the noise coming from outside.




Concrete will not harbor the insects and rot that may cause deterioration of frame houses. At the same time, a concrete house has a longer life expectancy that can even last for centuries.


Fire Resistant


In case of fire, a concrete home will not burn and even prevent the spread of fire.


Green Construction


Concrete houses only need less energy for heating and cooling. Also, concrete walls conserve resources by making use of fewer wood products. In most case, they only use lumber for interior framing. They even provide healthy environments with lesser air-borne allergens, contaminants, and mold than frame house. Moreover, their indoor air is cleaner.


Economic value


Concrete houses often cost a lot to more to build compared to frame house. But once they are constructed, you can begin to see the benefits in terms of bigger savings.


With all these benefits, it is no wonder why we see more concrete houses as the more preferred option by homeowners.


Cover up an Existing Chain Link Fence

While chain link fence is an inexpensive type of fencing and a good method of penning in dogs, it doesn’t provide an appeal on yards and homes. It’s unattractive and doesn’t give you much privacy either. Removing it can be quite a daunting task because the posts are buried deeply. And with large concrete roots that hold it tightly in place, it is comparable to a very sturdy tree. Even with a tractor, the metal posts are filled with concrete and are very hard to cut, making the job more difficult. If you do manage to remove the posts, the chain link is bulky and difficult to dispose of.

With all of the cons of a chain link fence, covering it up is the best solution. In fact, it is quite common among companies and homeowners to do so. Here are ways you can do to make your existing chain link fence look more appealing and at the same time provide you more privacy.


Use Privacy Screens


With a chain link fence, you would seem to feel exposed to passersby and your neighbors. Privacy screens are the best solution for this concern, adding privacy and value to your property. Privacy screens come in many types, style, and design. They can be made of different materials with various designs. You can even customize your own designs.

These screens can give your fence full coverage and have the design you desire. They are also great for businesses, as they can be used as marketing instruments. While these screens provide you privacy, you can use them to advertise your business or your products. Whatever material you’ll use, you can have the screen printed with whatever you want. You may even want to add a marketing message or contact information, which passersby can see.


Use Panels and Slats

Panels and slats are also popular options used to cover a chain link fence. You can have them installed horizontally, diagonally or vertically, to your liking. They can also add privacy effectively as well as enhance the look of your chain link fence. Panels and slats can be made of wood, aluminium, PVC, vinyl, composites, or other materials. Much like privacy fence screens, you can customize panels and slats with the design, style, and color you want.


Key Points

Chain link fence screens are easy to install outdoor accessories that offer you privacy and at the same time improve the look of your fence and your overall property. They also cost less than taking down the chain link fence and replacing it with another type of fence. Fence screens also filter environmental elements such as wind and rain. On top of all these, they are available in stylish designs that are also customizable.