Analyzing the Benefits of a Water Jet Cutter

Water jet cutting is quickly becoming one of the best options that companies taken when they have to deal with machine tool cutting procedures. A water jet cutter can literally hack through almost all kinds of materials. This is something that other cutting technologies could not achieve as they would often struggle with some types of materials. As a result, companies today do away with those less productive cutters and switch to water jet cutters instead.

Non-Invasive Method

One of the best benefits of a water jet cutter is the fact that it is non-invasive. A water jet machines does not involve heat, unlike with other machines that involves heat and ends up tampering the end result. This has led firms in today’s time to use water jet cutting technology as one the ways of introducing green methods in their operations. When using a water jet, there will be very little chance for distortion, poor finishing, or errors that can affect the final product.


Cuts Through Different Materials

If you assess the benefits that a water jet machine can offer, one of the most notable facts about this technology is that it can cut through almost any kind of material. The range of materials include metals, glass, stones, and composites. These materials are managed with the help of the machine with precision and best results.


Not Prone to Side Forces

If you want to work or cut on a specific type of material, you can rest assured that you will not be wasting any time in fixturing the material because the technology is not prone to side forces. This simply means that you can quickly switch between tasks. Also, you can work on various materials and jobs without having to change your tools. If you depend on abrasive water jet technique, there is no need to worry because they are automated and controlled by a software, so you can get the kind of precision that you want for the design shapes that you need to cut.


Cut Multiple Designs

If you are searching for a way to increase productivity with your water jet machine, you will have the provision of cutting different designs in a single pass. The technology is capable of automating and managing multiple cutters in order to increase productivity. When using the cutter, you will be spared from any worries about its finishing since it guarantees high quality cuts and there is no need for any additional dressing to meet the set standards. For other machines, they are likely to leave a crude edge and will require a secondary touch. In addition, any type of material that will be cut would still be able to maintain its structural makeup without any distortion.

If you are looking for the best cutter out there, make sure that it has the benefits listed above and more. Doing so will give you the confidence that you have the right cutter for your needs and you will achieve your needed results.


Plasma Cutting Table: Considerations for Smooth Motion

A plasma cutting table and system are very popular because of their ability to produce cuts that consistent and quality without causing damage or warping around the material. However, the quality of its cutting torch is as good as all the other supporting components.

A plasma cutter mainly relies on smooth motion in order to cut properly. Any form of hiccup in the movement that is caused by debris or vibration can throw a cut off. As a result, it causes the business to have interruption in their processes and incur costs. This is why as much as possible, errors should be avoided. One best way to do this is to select a plasma cutter that comes with a high-quality hardware to provide the needed smooth motion. There are several components to be considered to achieve this smooth motion such as the following.


Type and Quality of Bearings

The use of bearings in a plasma cutting system is to let the gantry to smoothly move in the X, Y, and Z directions. Any disturbances and vibrations will be prevented with smooth motions and this will ensure that the motion in cutting will stay consistent.

The bearings you choose can make a huge different on the overall operation of the device. Top models are likely to choose grooved bearings that run on an interior rail. Such type of bearings is very useful as they can help sweep debris and dust off the machine automatically, thus negating the need for cleaning. This makes the cutter suitable for dusty environments.


Rail Quality

Translating the instructions from your computer to mechanical movements depends on how accurate the construction of the system is. The overhead gantry and rails should be perfectly straight so they provide a reliable and real-world representation of the coordinate system of the computer design. In the event that the tracks are off even by just a fraction degree, the plasma cutter would not accurately recreate the design.

Rails that are high-quality should be made from a single piece of an extruded material. Its trueness could be checked with the use of a laser guide or some other implements. High quality ones would allow the gantry to freely move along the length of the table, thus allowing sharp cutting motion.


Gearing System

A plasma cutting table uses gearing mechanisms that convert energy from a motor into useful motion for the gantry. With this, the action of the torch head becomes dependent on the quality of the gearing system. The majority of the systems on plasma cutters uses a combination of metal gear rings and steel-reinforced plastic drive belts.


Feedback System

A motor on each axis controls the movement of the cutting torch. The motors along with feedback devices provide the computer with information on far the cutting head need to move. The lower latencies help the cutting table to offer a smooth and fast motion, especially when making cuts in different dimensions or cutting tight corners.

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Heavy Machinery Maintenance Tips

Heavy machines are considered to be the backbone in construction, mining, and agriculture. These are very necessary, though they cost a lot. They also need to be used to their most efficient and effective potential in order to perform demanding labors. For their optimal performance and safety of operations to be ensured, regular machinery maintenance should be done. Here are some important tips to follow to keep your equipment at their best.

Make it a Routine

Just like when you have a regular checkup with your physician, regular machine checkups are equally important. Make sure to check the condition and overall functionality of your machine as it will help keep its continuity and perform as expected.


Right Tools

Matching the machine with the right task that it is supposed to perform would require you to consider several variables like material composition, terrain, and even elemental effects like climate. At the same time, you need to make sure that all performance accessories and attachments like ploughs and buckets are specifically made to the machine.

In terms of parts replacements, make sure that they are of the same quality and sizes. You should also have the right load-bearing qualities for the machine.


Do Not Overwork the Machine

It is not advised to use the machine more what its stated performance limitation and specification. Just like in any industry, efficiency and effectiveness are most important things to achieve the best results. Being aware and following the stated limit for loads is one best way to avoid machinery maintenance and ensure that your machine is working at its best.


Put the Toys Away

While a regular machine maintenance is an active way to prevent damage to the equipment, proper storage of the machine is another thing. It is another method to ensure that the machine is safe and would be able to perform well. Large machines need to be kept in covered in a storage that is moisture-free. This will keep the machine safe from any danger of water which could lead to rust and corrosion and the harshness of sunlight.


Knowledge is the Key

The machine is only as useful as the people working with it. For you to uphold the best standard of operation while being able to minimize risk, anyone who is in contact with the machine need to be familiar and should undergo training on how to use it properly.

There are some types of machines wherein simple hands-on instruction is enough, but others might need special certifications before it can be operated. Make sure that you follow the operator or owner manual and other guidelines that pertains to your industry, equipment model, and job type before you let anyone operate the machine.


Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling has revolutionized the mining industry over the recent years. As a result, many ores are being discovered that would otherwise have gone untapped. Mining was dependent on finding boulders of rocks before diamond drilling was introduced. Very little information was available regarding ore concentrations below the surface within the earth. Diamond drilling makes it possible to remove solid cylinders of rocks from beneath the earth.

The Drill Rig


Diamond core drilling uses diamond bits. It is composed of a group of small, industrial grade diamonds set into a metallic, soft matrix and attached to the last part of hollow drill rod. You can attach more sections of pipe to the top of this to reach greater depth for drilling. The number of pipes or rods attached to the top of the drill rod is often used to estimate the depth that is drilled.


These types of drilling rigs can cut through a cylindrical rock-hard core. You can change the hardness of the matrix from brass to high-grade steel according to the rock, which has to be cut. Inside the small piece, there are hole that allow water to be carried to the cutting face for lubrication, cooling, and to wash away the drill cuttings from the opening.


The Process


Diamond drilling is typically slower than reverse circulation drilling because of the toughness of the ground being drilled. These diamond drilling rigs are extremely costly. That is why you need to drill little by little when using the rig to extend the life of drill bits and rods.


A lifter tube is used to take core samples. The empty tube is lowered within the rod string using a winch cable until it stops within the core barrel. The cable locks on to the backend on the top end of the lifter tube. As drilling progresses, the lifter tube slips over the core. The core lifter can then be dragged to the surfaced by the winch cable.


You then detach the core sample from the rod and record it. After cleaning and calculating the core, you break it down into small pieces using a hammer, creating it in shape and then place them into the sample trays. Geologist will collect the core trays and study the core samples to find out if the drill site is an excellent location for further mining operations.


Diamond drilling rigs can also be a part of a multi-combination rig. Multi-combination rigs are a twin setup rig, which are able to operate in either a reverse circulation or diamond drilling, but cannot do the two roles at the same time. This can be used in exploration drilling at extremely isolated locations.


Digital Marketing Agency: Practical Tips for Small Businesses

Today, with the help of the new technology it has become easier for businesses to succeed, but failure is as easy as well. This is determined by one thing-marketing. This plays a very important role in determining the success of a business. If you are a small business owner and you want to make it big in the market, you need to make marketing as one of your main priorities. But if you think that this is something that you can’t do, then it would be best to hire a digital marketing agency to do the job for you. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind to ensure your success.

Optimize for Mobile

A huge percentage of internet users today make sure of their mobile devices to browse the web. This is why it is very important that your website is optimized for mobile. This means that people should be able to open your website right from their mobile phones as use it just like how they do so with their laptops. Failure to do so can greatly affect the search engine ranking of your website as it is not optimized for smaller screens and Google doesn’t want that.


Auto-Responders for Email Subscribers

If you want to ask people to sign up for your bulletin or email newsletters, it would be best if you can do so as soon as possible to extend your gratitude to them and give them something that is of value. This is one way to let them know that you are committed to what you do and that is helping them.

There are various email marketing tools, including ourselves that will allow you to create multiple autoresponders. This will let you send a more tailored welcome email to your subscribers. This can be in a form of coupon with several interests right after they have signed up to your list.


Twitter Ads

If your goal is to build an online presence in a specific industry, then Twitter ads could be what you are looking for. With this, you would be able to target promoted tweets at the followers of your own competitors, which then leads media sites and industry figures to get clicks to your site or attract new followers.

These are just a few tips and strategies that a digital marketing agency can do for you. There are more things they can do and help you with considering the need of your website and business. Letting the professionals do the job will spare you from the trouble of doing something you don’t have an idea with. Hire an agency that has long years of experience and proven track record so you can be confident with the kind of investment that you will be making.

Above Ground Fuel Tank Safety Tips

Above ground silvan fuel tanks are common among farms and industrial companies for its cost, ease of installation, as well as its maintenance benefits. These tanks are basically safer compared to underground fuel tanks because there is lower risk of contamination due to corrosion or leakage. These tanks are also easy to access for inspection, filling, and dispensing. Above ground tanks also promotes minimal to zero impact on the environment.

However, no matter how careful we are, probable risks can still exist if there is no proper maintenance of the fuel tank or if the oil products are not handled safely. Possible corrosion is still a risk if early signs of rust and cracks in the tank are not dealt with immediately. Leakage that can cause unimaginable damages can still happen, if one does not follow and implement filling and dispensing protocols.

Here are some safety tips in using an above ground fuel tank to prevent damage to people, property, and the environment:


Check the fuel tank design thoroughly

Before you buy an above ground fuel tank, check its design and material. Make sure it is compatible with the substance you will store as well as the conditions of the storage like the amount of pressure or temperature. The design and construction of the fuel tank must comply with the standards and regulations. Buy a tank from a reputable manufacturer with years of experiences in providing Silvan fuel tanks.


Ensure that the support structure is stable enough

Upon installation of the fuel tank, ensure the stability of the stand or support structure. It must be set-up on a solid, level ground that can support the total weight of the tank including the substance it stores. You must attach the tank properly to its stand to prevent it from falling over and so it will remain upright in all weather conditions.

You can add bracing to the legs of the support structure to reinforce its durability. Consult your tank supplier to do the bracing and other fittings that could strengthen the support structure of the tank.


Only trained personnel must handle the work

All personnel assigned to handle the fuel storage facility and oil products must have sufficient training, knowledge, and experience of the job. Training must include the safe use of the fuel tank, the hazardous substances, and the potential dangers. The personnel must also know what to do during emergencies in the work area such as in the cases of fire, accidents, leakage or any damage caused from coming in contact with hazardous material.


Other Considerations

When choosing an appropriate site to install the fuel tank, you must think twice about the impact it may have on groundwater and other resources. Always contact or consult to your tank supplier if you have any concerns or questions regarding the fuel tank.


Characteristics to Look for in Product Design Companies

Companies of different sizes that make use of technologies, products, and concepts should go through the process of designing, development, testing, and even market readiness. This is where product design companies come into the picture. But of course, it is important to find out why you should hire one to partner up with. The question here would be, what makes a good product design company? Below are the things that you have to consider when looking for one.


Today, it can be very challenging to find the best one from the list of so many product design companies available. This makes it important for the design team to show off the works they have done with their clients. Testimonials are also very useful as happy clients can be positive references.

But experience will always be a key factor to look for. Go for a company who is experienced in designing the same kinds of components, products, and makes use of technologies that you need for your product design. A wide understanding and knowledge in product designing will be very useful.



From the very first time you have a conversation with your product design company, you should be able to gauge how genuine is their interest in your ideas and concepts. A genuine and passionate product designer would always engage with you and will have a real interest in your technology and product, simply because they enjoy designing a new product from scratch. On the other hand, if you think that they are not so interested with you and product, there is probably something more suitable for your needs.



In order for a product to be delivered successfully, you should embrace and deal with the many steps involved in the product development process. In case the conversation with the product designer happened at an early time of the process, it would be a lot better if the designer has a full understanding of the steps involved such as prototyping, validating, patenting, testing, and market launch.

Opt for a design partner that knows the steps or one that can point you to the direction of recommended partners that will be of help in every stage.



Technology and product design need the use of sophisticated software tools that can take a long time to master. Make sure that your potential product designer is an expert and well adept with how complex the industry is and can do the job that is expected of him.

Engineers and designers make use of various tools, so regardless of what they use, they need to be able to demonstrate skills certification. This will make you confident with their abilities.

If you need help with your product design, hiring professionals who are experts in the said field is the best way to guarantee that you will have your expected and quality results.

What are the Advantages of A LED Batten Light?

For commercial and fashionable LED lighting fixtures, a LED batten light is one of the most popular. It is often seen in big parking lots, office rooms, shopping malls, etc. In spite of this, so many people ask what kind of light is it and if it is really more advantageous compared to other lights like Fluorescent tube lights.

Batten Light: What is it?


LED batten light is a new and modern equivalent to fluorescent tube lights. But it comes with more advantages, especially that it is capable of adopting LED as its source of light. This means that using this type of lighting will not only save you energy, but money as well. Moreover, compared to other traditional lights, it offers a more stylish look. Installing it in your space will greatly help enhance the entire look of the area while being functional at the same time.


What LED Lights Have to Offer?


The use of LED lights offers so many benefits- from durability to energy efficiency. In the past, the majority of people make use of fluorescent lights, but as soon as they learned that it can be harmful, they have switched to LED lights. If you are planning to have a switch as well, here are some reasons why you need to do so.


  • They consume lesser electricity. It allows you to save up to 80% of electricity bill, making it an energy-efficient choice.
  • They maintain a cold temperature. Compared with fluorescent lights, these LEDs do not heat up. Ultraviolet radiation and excessive heat can be very hazardous to everyone. But LEDs do not emit any ultraviolet radiations.
  • They do not produce blue wave, thus making the brain relaxed to increase productivity.
  • They are durable and can even last for up to 15 years with consistent amount of light. Other types of lights have the tendency to dim through time.
  • They are environment-friendly as no harmful gases are released.


LED Batten Lights Versus Fluorescent Tube Lights


As mentioned, LED batten lights are energy saving, produce less heat, environment-friendly, durable, and maintenance free compared to fluorescent tube lights. At the same time, these lights offer uniform lighting and you can get significant savings in terms of voltage and power consumption. LED technology is also a lot more sophisticated than halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent lights. Below are more advantages these lights can offer.


  • Need less current
  • Higher light output
  • Wide range of colors
  • No Mercury
  • Constant lighting
  • Flicker-Free
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • No maintenance costs
  • Best used in hospitals, schools, residential areas, and factories
  • Longer lifespan


With all these benefits and advantages, LED batten lights simply prove that they are one of the best lighting options today that offers beauty, function, and savings.


Cover up an Existing Chain Link Fence

While chain link fence is an inexpensive type of fencing and a good method of penning in dogs, it doesn’t provide an appeal on yards and homes. It’s unattractive and doesn’t give you much privacy either. Removing it can be quite a daunting task because the posts are buried deeply. And with large concrete roots that hold it tightly in place, it is comparable to a very sturdy tree. Even with a tractor, the metal posts are filled with concrete and are very hard to cut, making the job more difficult. If you do manage to remove the posts, the chain link is bulky and difficult to dispose of.

With all of the cons of a chain link fence, covering it up is the best solution. In fact, it is quite common among companies and homeowners to do so. Here are ways you can do to make your existing chain link fence look more appealing and at the same time provide you more privacy.


Use Privacy Screens


With a chain link fence, you would seem to feel exposed to passersby and your neighbors. Privacy screens are the best solution for this concern, adding privacy and value to your property. Privacy screens come in many types, style, and design. They can be made of different materials with various designs. You can even customize your own designs.

These screens can give your fence full coverage and have the design you desire. They are also great for businesses, as they can be used as marketing instruments. While these screens provide you privacy, you can use them to advertise your business or your products. Whatever material you’ll use, you can have the screen printed with whatever you want. You may even want to add a marketing message or contact information, which passersby can see.


Use Panels and Slats

Panels and slats are also popular options used to cover a chain link fence. You can have them installed horizontally, diagonally or vertically, to your liking. They can also add privacy effectively as well as enhance the look of your chain link fence. Panels and slats can be made of wood, aluminium, PVC, vinyl, composites, or other materials. Much like privacy fence screens, you can customize panels and slats with the design, style, and color you want.


Key Points

Chain link fence screens are easy to install outdoor accessories that offer you privacy and at the same time improve the look of your fence and your overall property. They also cost less than taking down the chain link fence and replacing it with another type of fence. Fence screens also filter environmental elements such as wind and rain. On top of all these, they are available in stylish designs that are also customizable.

Using Diesel Transfer Pumps Means Saving the Environment

Most obviously, the purpose of diesel transfer pumps is to help you in transferring fuel from one container to another. This alone is beneficial when it comes to efficiency, as it will save you time, effort, and resources. Silvan diesel transfer pump is one of the popular brands of fuel pumps available in different volumes for any type of fuel transfer.

Manual fuel transfer is impractical in most cases. It can be quite a hassle lifting a can of diesel to refuel your car or lawn mower, let alone with large containers to refuel large equipment and machineries. Huge fuel containers cannot be just lifted to funnel liquids into smaller containers. In these cases, a fuel pump is without a doubt, an absolute need.

However, another important benefit of fuel transfer pumps that most people overlook. Using a diesel transfer pump not only limits spillage and waste of the fuel, but it also limits the exposure of gasoline vapors. This alone is reason enough that you get a fuel pump the soonest. When gasoline is dispense in the environment, it can bring damage to the environment and to your health as well.


Good for the Environment

Did you know that liquid gasoline is a combination of more than 150 hydrocarbons, paraffin, and alkenes, among other compounds? The vapors of gasoline also different components, although they come from the same product.

Gasoline vapor emits a great number of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere around it, and you know very well how harmful these substances are. Gasoline vapor in the atmosphere creates a problem on both large and small scales.

In a global perspective, these hydrocarbons lead to more greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. The effects are just as dangerous on a smaller scale. Any spillage can sip through the grounds and can threaten the quality of the soils. More so can be hazardous to water systems. Small as it may seem, but you can avoid all of these disasters with a diesel transfer pump.


Good for You

Frequent inhalation of the harmful compounds that are heavily found in gas fumes lead to a higher risk of cancer and tumors, as many of these compounds are carcinogenic. Gasoline and its vapors are also related to many other negative health risks in humans as well as animals. It has been concluded in many studies that oxidative stress and haematotoxicity are evident among those who were regularly exposed to diesel fumes.

The long-term effects of diesel exposure is dangerous to anyone’s health, thus using a fuel transfer pump can literally save your life.


Get you own diesel transfer pump now!

A diesel transfer pump can be easily used in order to reduce contact with fuel vapors and limit their release into the environment as well. In conclusion, you are protecting the environment and yourself. Diesel transfer pumps come in many types and sizes, and choosing the right one for your application can be overwhelming.

Check out Silvan products today and see which one works for you best. A Silvan diesel transfer pump offers a wide variety of transfer pumps of capacities and pump options that you can choose to best suit your needs.