Plasma Cut Metal with the Best Cutting Method?

Metal cutting is highly significant for most industries and business. In the past, there were many things that seem so difficult to accomplish. But thanks to technologies that are ever-evolving, it’s now possible to achieve more things.

As we know for a fact, metal is a very strong substance that is usually present in our daily lives. What the majority of us failed to realize is that manufacturers and construction companies have gone a long way just to find the best cutting systems that is capable of handling their specific work requirements. Good thing that today, plasma cut metal is possible and can deliver the best results.

Laser and Plasma Cutters

In spite of the fact that laser cutters are not widely used as much as plasma cutters, they are still capable of attracting a fair share of international market. But, due to its high cost and slowness in the cutting some materials, plasma cut metal machines have become of the best choices for anyone who needs to cut metals.

Another good reason is because just like stainless steel, copper and aluminum, do not follow the traditional laser cutting methods, a plasma cutter became very effective. In fact, it is considered to be very effective on almost all types of conductive metals.

When it comes to plasma cutting, gas input is determined by the metal type that needs to be worked on. They are then fed and compressed into the nozzle. As soon as they are released, they travel at a very high speed. With the help of input power, they generate an electric arc the moment they get in contact with air. With extreme heat, gas is transformed into a different state-plasma. In this procedure, the gas heats up high so as soon as plasma jet touched the metal work piece, it travels through and breaks it. As the flame heats up the metal, the velocity or speed of plasma jet is what separates all the metal elements.


For All Types of Metals

There are theories about plasma cutter that it is not capable of cutting some types of metal, but this is not the case. By matching and mixing the right gases, such can be accomplished regardless of the metal that you are trying to cu. For instance, hydrogen and argon form a good combination when cutting aluminum with smooth edges. In the case of stainless steel, the mix will work as well. But, take note that there are certain types of gases that could be used as well like nitrogen.

Before working on any type of metal, it is recommended that you try to find out the metal group that it belongs to, so you can tune your machine and achieve the best results. Aside from this, you should consider the thickness of the metal piece when using a plasma cutter.