Getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Australia

Both men and women produce testosterone, but since testosterone is a male hormone, men produce more testosterone than women do. One’s testosterone levels not only vary depending on one’s gender, but also on age and health. Too high or too low testosterone level is both not good for the body.

Low testosterone hormone is not really an issue for most women. However, men with low testosterone can be a concern. Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy is now readily available. If you feel like you need the therapy, it is important that you first understand and learn more about how it works.


Importance of Testosterone for Men

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is mainly produced by men. This hormone is important in the development of men’s sexuality and sexual organs including the testicles and penis at puberty. It also plays an important role in producing male characteristics of the body such as bulk in muscles, facial and body hair, and so on. Testosterone promotes important body functions in men like regulating sex drive or libido, and helping the testes produce the right amount of healthy sperm.


Testosterone Level

Testosterone levels in men are normally high during the adolescence stage and early adulthood. In most men, testosterone gradually decreases starting at the age of 30, and continually declines every year by one percent. It will continue to decrease rapidly in the middle age until old age.


Causes of Low T

The decrease of testosterone levels can be accelerated due to certain conditions, and can cause further health problems and complication. Low testosterone can be cause by illnesses like severe liver disease, damage or abnormalities with the testicles or the pituitary gland, obesity, genetic disorders, and old age.

Low testosterone levels due to aging is normal, but you may speak to your doctor about it. Get yourself checked so you can be sure that it is due simply to getting old and not caused by other health problems.


Low T Symptoms

Common symptoms among men with low testosterone levels include reduced sex drive, fewer and weaker erections, infertility, having a hard time sleeping, and changes in sleep patterns.

There are also some physical changes such as weight gain or increase in body fat, reduced muscle bulk, bone density, and strength. One can have swollen or tender breasts, loss or thinning of body hair, and reduced energy levels.

One might also notice some emotional changes like low motivation or self-confidence, mood swings, depression, difficulty having focus, and struggle in remembering things.


Getting Tested

To check testosterone levels is through a couple of blood tests. Along with the blood tests is a general physical health examination. Your doctor may require other medical exams depending on your overall health and condition. Testosterone levels vary within the day. If you have a low level on one of the blood tests, you can discuss the possible treatment with your doctor.


Low T Treatment Available in Australia

Testosterone replacement therapy in Australia are available in injections, gels, lotions, patches and oral tablets. While low T treatment and therapy is helpful in so many ways, it also comes with some risks. That is why it is important to consult your doctor first and discuss everything to make sure you get the appropriate health advice for your personal condition.